What You Need to Keep in Mind When Choosing a WordPress-Optimized Web Host

A WordPress website needs reliable web hosting to support it. But not all web hosts should be treated equally. If you are shopping around for a web host for your WordPress site, there are several things you should keep in mind.

A good web host is essential for an optimally-run website. A web host plays a major role in:

  • How fast your website is
  • How secure your website is
  • How often your website is offline (downtime)
  • How simple and fast it is to get help whenever you need it

Because selecting a web host isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly, it’s wise to shop around and compare major web hosting companies to see which ones meet your needs. It can be tempting to go with the first web host you find or the one with the cheapest hosting plan, but there is a lot more to a web host than what first catches your eye.

The Choosing

To choose a WordPress-optimized web host, you should first think about what you need. If you’re a beginner with little to no experience in running and managing a website, you will likely want a web host that does most of the work for you. If you would prefer to manage your own hosting and have the experience to do so effectively, you can go that route instead.

For the purpose of this article, we’ll assume you are a beginner who would prefer to have hosting experts do most of the work for you.


There are several factors to consider when thinking about what you need from a web host. Some web hosts will offer similar services, while others will include unique features that allow them to stand out from the rest. Consider what your individual needs look like regarding each of the aspects below.


Cost is at the forefront of just about anyone’s mind when making a purchase. Web hosting is no different. The cost of web hosting varies significantly from one host to the next. How much you pay for hosting also depends on which type of hosting you use. Managed hosting tends to be more expensive than a traditional shared hosting plan, but with the added benefit of all that a managed hosting plan includes.

Fortunately, you can save a ton of money on web hosting, including WordPress-optimized hosting, with discounts and promotions. Web hosts offer these promotions as a way to bring in new customers and compete against other web hosting companies. This greatly benefits you, as you can pay a significantly lower price for the same hosting plan, just by using a discount code.


Regardless of whether you’re looking for a web host for your personal blog or your e-commerce website, you want a web host and website consulting that effectively prevents security issues such as hacking. No web host can offer a 100% guarantee that you will never run into a security problem, but they should prevent an issue from arising as much as possible. You want a web host that will make it easy to quickly recover from an attack, if one were to occur.


A website is completely useless if it isn’t up and running. A web host is responsible for making sure your site is “up” around the clock. Again, no host can guarantee 100% uptime, but the closer a host can get to 100% uptime, the better. You also want a web host that can detect and fix any downtime as quickly as possible.


Bandwidth is another important factor to consider when shopping for a web host. Usually measured in gigabytes per month, bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred. You will need to find a hosting plan that includes all the bandwidth needed for your website, with a little extra for when your website grows. You should also verify that the host makes it easy to upgrade your plan’s bandwidth if necessary.


You will want to pay close attention to how much storage is included in the hosting plans you are considering. In the world of web hosting, storage refers to how much space on the server your site has access to. You need to have enough space to store all the files from your website, with extra space leftover for when your website grows.

Find out how much storage is available with each hosting plan you are considering, as well as what storage upgrades are available for when you find yourself in need of one.

Backups and Updates

Many hosting packages offer regular backups and automatic updates so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with these things yourself. Regular backups ensure that all the data on your site is protected and not at risk of being lost.

Updates are important to ensure your site continues to run optimally at all times. Keeping your website up-to-date also helps to protect it against security threats by making sure your website is always as secure as possible.

When considering a web host, you should first find out if backups and updates are included, then determine how often they are performed. This is one feature that you could be incredibly grateful for down the road.


Ideally, you will never need to reach out to customer support for help. But you want to know they’re there just in case an issue ever arises. Make a note of what level of support each host provides and whether you are comfortable with what they offer. Some web hosts offer support 24/7, while others have a support team that is only available during business hours. Also, some hosts provide support through a variety of channels, including phone, email, live chat, and ticket system, whereas others are limited in the support services they have. For a WordPress site, it may be a good idea to have access to customer support representatives that are dedicated to WordPress management.

Optimized for WP?

Only a select few web hosts are truly optimized for WordPress hosting. We’ll get into what that means below, but when looking for a web host for your website, pay close to attention to whether they’re WordPress-optimized.

WordPress has become so immensely popular that many hosting providers now offer a service known as “managed WordPress hosting.” Managed WordPress hosting is designed specifically to take the headache out of running a WordPress site by doing most of the work for you. WordPress-optimized hosting plan helps take care of tasks like:

  • WordPress installation
  • Updates for WordPress and plugins
  • Backups
  • Security
  • Uptime
  • Performance optimization

Essentially, web hosting companies recognized the need for a way to cater specifically to WordPress users, so they designed this exclusive type of web hosting.

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Creating an Identity for the Mozilla Developer Network

We’re in the process of building the Mozilla Developer Network to be a useful resource for developers working on the various Mozilla-based software projects and the open web in general. We have been following the SEO best practices laid out by Seo Advantage. Obviously, we can’t do this on our own, but with an IT support company in London like Mustard IT  on our team and Tech With geeks, we were quick to get the ball rolling. It’s a big, far-reaching project so, as Jay Patel noted last week, it’s important that we establish a strong brand identity for the MDN.

The first step is to create a logo that will represent the MDN to developers around the world (and also look great on a t-shirt, of course. To do this, we’ve once again turned to the talented folks at Studio Number One and Webcreationuk, who last worked with us on the logo for the Mozilla Creative Collective. And, as usual, we want this process to be as open and participatory as possible…in other words, we need your help!

The intended audience for this logo and the MDN in general is most definitely developers. As Jay’s creative brief notes, “the MDN brand will serve to unify our diverse developer communities and represent the innovation we bring to the world through the people, products, and technologies that define Mozilla.” Beyond that, the direction was pretty wide open – the key thing being that the MDN logo would feel both connected to Mozilla’s identity and history, but also be distinctly separate as its own unique entity.

Posted below are some early stage design options from Studio Number One (including different variations on similar themes). At this point in the process we need to start focusing on one for further refinement. Which one should that be? What stands out to you and why? Try to envision these on a website, t-shirt, poster, sticker, etc and let us know what you think.


Creating an Identity for the Mozilla Developer Network

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Browsing Without Borders

When we say browsing without borders, we mean that Firefox will not block any websites for you.

After some brainstorming about what type of sci-fi direction the illustration should take (we settled on “philosophical and psychedelic”…think 2001), we came up with an artwork we were all happy with.

You’re certainly encouraged to share this with anyone you think might enjoy it, and you can also download a larger version if you’d like to print a copy for yourself. Here’s to browsing without borders! And web hosts should keep doing what they are doing to keep it border-free!

http://purehomeimprovement.com/ says, borderless browsing increase our traffic by 200% in just a month.

Starburst Extreme – This took us to the next level of performance.

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