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Archive | April, 2008

The End of the Beginning

It’s been quite an adventure since his flying saucer-battling origin, but now that the final Firefox 3 beta has been released everyone’s favorite open source robot has retired to a comfortable and triumphant life of adoration from a grateful populace:

Firefox 3 Beta 5 first run page

As it turns out, a lot of the action has been taking place around the (fictional, of course) city of Gran Paradiso. Although it’s nice to see it rebuilt after the carnage, it does change the context a bit knowing that there’s a gleaming modern urban area right around the corner from that quaint seaside village:


This entire robot series has been immensely fun, and huge thanks are due to Nobox for their concepts and creativity throughout. Also, props to Mr. Mike Beltzner for figuring out how to tie it all back in to Gran Paradiso in the end.

Coming up next: a variety of robotless designs related to the Firefox 3 launch.

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