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Archive | April, 2009

Mozilla Creative Collective Site Design: Round 1

Work on the Mozilla Creative Collective has shifted from creating the logo to designing the website, and once again we need your help. The initial mockup from the design wizards at Airbag Industries is below…take a look and let us know what you think via the comments section here, by tweeting or blogging about it, or by whatever other mode of self-expression you favor.

As a quick recap, the Creative Collective will be the online home for Mozilla’s visual design community. Users will be able to upload their Mozilla-inspired artwork into a publicly-viewable gallery and participate in design challenges on specific topics (with the winner determined by a public vote). That’s just scratching the surface, really…for a much more in-depth breakdown, check out the project’s wiki page.

A big source of inspiration for the site design was the logo itself, as Airbag incorporated its colors, style and major elements whenever possible. They also made an effort to evoke the feel of other Mozilla sites (especially mozilla.com and QMO), resulting in subtle textures, rough edges and a generally open, handmade feel. As always, the goal is to reflect Mozilla’s “people-powered” essence rather than creating something slick and corporate.

We tried to structure the homepage so it would show off as much community artwork as possible, and provide interesting ways for people to get involved or connect with other designers. Here’s a quick rundown of the key elements:
* header featuring the logo, project name and basic nav (note: this area will be smaller on the drill-down pages).
* main area of the site focuses on promoting the current design challenge and showing off a slideshow of particularly interesting recent images (challenge winners, staff favorites, etc).
* smaller mini-gallery of “hot” designs that have been favorited by the community.
* recent imagery from designers you’re following (if you’re signed in), plus a news feed of relevant blog posts.

It probably goes without saying, but all specific text and imagery in this mockup is totally placeholder and will change for the final release. So, with that in mind, what do you think? Does the site make you want to get involved? Will it appeal to designers? Does it communicate the basic concept of the project? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts…

Mozilla Creative Collective (Rough) - Round 1

(View the full-size version on Flickr.)

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