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Archive | August, 2009

The Mozilla Creative Collective Is Here!

With the browser world now more competitive than ever, it’s essential that we tell the story of what Mozilla is and why Firefox matters as effectively as possible. There are a lot of ways to do this, of course, but it’s hard to find a better communications tool than good visual design…which is why I’m so excited about today’s beta launch of the Mozilla Creative Collective site.

The Creative Collective is the hub of our growing design community, and a place for people around the world to use their talents to help the Mozilla mission and make connections with their fellow artists. The site – which was designed by the talented folks at Airbag Industries (now part of Happy Cog) and built by our phenomenal WebDev team (including freelancers Ryan Snyder and Craig Cook) – has a variety of features to facilitate sharing, social networking and generally getting involved, with more stuff on the way. Definitely check it out – there are already some hidden gems in the gallery.

As Tara noted in the official announcement, Mozilla actually has a long history of open source design projects, but we’d never had much in the way of an organized community until now. I love the idea of expanding the scope of the overall Mozilla community to include visual designers, and can already think of so many ways they’ll be able to contribute (more on that later).

Like any community project, the key to the Creative Collective’s success will be getting people to participate. Here’s how you can help:
* Contribute a design that inspires people to take action for Mozilla Service Week as part of our first mini-challenge (details at the Mozilla Blog). We have t-shirts waiting for our favorites!
* Upload Firefox or Mozilla-themed artwork you’ve created in the past, or do something brand new and share it with the world.
* Even if you’re not a designer you can join the Creative Collective and get things going by following your favorite artists or “liking” designs you enjoy.
* Help us spread the word by telling your designy friends, tweeting, posting on Facebook, etc. Every design detail page includes a widget to make sharing via your social networking sites super easy.

Huge thanks goes out to the following people for everything they did to make the Mozilla Creative Collective launch possible: Tara Shahian, Jeff Zeller, Mike Morgan, Ryan Snyder, Craig Cook, Ryan Doherty, Greg Storey, Ethan Marcotte, Stephen Caver, Helenita Johnson, Stephanie Schonauer, Studio Number One, Stephen Donner, Krupa Raj, Raymond Etornam, Shyam Mani, Catherine Brady and Paul Kim.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that this is still a beta site, and we’re counting on the community to help set the agenda for what comes next and generally make it better. So, if you find any bugs or have ideas for features and functionality that you’d like to see, please let us know. See you on the Creative Collective!

Mozilla Creative Collective homepage (beta launch)

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