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Archive | April, 2011

Open Source Design In Action (Or, London Gets Happy and Snappy)

I love it when a plan comes together: Koen Hendrix gets involved in the Creative Collective, wins the Firefox 4 t-shirt challenge, gets invited to the launch party in London and the result is t-shirty goodness for everyone.

Here’s Koen showing off his handiwork:
Firefox 4 Launch Party

And here’s the *whole crowd* showing off his handiwork:
Firefox 4 Launch Party

(Photos by Desigan Chinniah, aka the one and only @cyberdees)

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News and Notes from the Mozilla Creative Team

The Creative team here at Mozilla has been growing rapidly lately, so it feels like a good time to share a quick update on who we are and what we’re doing.

As background, we’re part of the broader Engagement team within Mozilla and are tasked with communicating the Mozilla Firefox story through visual design, copywriting, brand projects and website management. The group includes two veteran Mozillians who in the last several months have taken on exciting new roles:

Sean Martell, Visual Design Lead (blog/twitter) – Sean joined us in December after previously working as the designer for Mozilla Labs, where he spent the last couple of years creating amazing websites, t-shirts, logos and pretty much anything else he could think up. He’s now the visual design lead for all of Mozilla, and is continuing to lend his talents to individual projects while also helping to set our more longterm strategic visual direction.

Tara Shahian, Creative Manager (blog/twitter)- During her 3+ years at Mozilla, Tara has worked on everything from building our design community to producing engaging videos to leading the visual style of the various Fx4 social media efforts. In her new role (which she’s actually been doing since last year), she brings her creativity and attention to detail to managing our many copy and/or design projects and driving art direction for various campaigns.

We’ve also added four awesome new members to the team in the last few months. Please welcome:

Chrissie Brodigan, Website Engagement Lead (blog/twitter)- Chrissie joined us in February, and is tasked with leading mozilla.com’s content strategy, user testing, long term roadmapping and more. Folks who went to SXSW this year may recall her well-received session about bringing designers into the world of open source.

Laura Forrest, Website Marketing Manager (blog/twitter) – Laura started as a contractor last summer, and quickly proved herself indispensable. She leads the onsite marketing efforts on mozilla.com, leads our bimonthly mozilla.com site releases, acts as the team’s resident metrics expert, manages the snippet program and more.

Matej Novak, Copywriter (blog/twitter) – Matej is Mozilla’s first ever full-time copywriter, and has already made his presence felt by providing the words for a variety of Firefox 4 campaigns. If you need help with site copy, catchy phrases, product/feature naming or debates about proper sentence construction he’s your man.

Lee Tom, Visual Designer – Lee also started with us as a contractor last year before going full-time, and has already helped shape the look of mozilla.com, mozilla.org, email newsletters, Rock Your Firefox and much more. He’s probably designed at least one of the Firefox t-shirts you own, too.

Please join me in congratulating/welcoming all the above.


[We’re on a boat: David Boswell (special guest), Laura, Matej, Tara, Chrissie, John, Sean, Lee]

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