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Creative Collective Logo: Round 2 Update

The goal of the Mozilla Creative Collective to build a new type of open graphic design community, so it’s important that we “walk the talk” (or whatever the phrase is) when it comes to being as transparent as possible about our processes while we build it.

To that end, I’ve been blogging about our work with Studio Number One to create a new MCC logo, and the feedback we’ve received from the community in response to the first two rounds has been truly invaluable. Really great stuff…thanks to everyone who commented for taking the time to participate.

The reaction to round 2 was quite positive, so I’m encouraged that we’re going in the right direction and have found the proper balance between the concepts of Mozilla, ‘creative’ and ‘collective’. After considering all the comments and our own internal objectives, we’ve decided to move forward with refining option #1 (shown below) to create the final version. In some ways it was a tough choice because all the round 2 options were strong, but this one was my clear favorite.

The next step is for Studio Number One to further polish it, such as carefully considering the exact placement of the dino head or finding the right balance between keeping the design flourishes around the outside and making sure it’s simple enough to scale down to smaller sizes without much trouble. I’ll share the final version as soon as it’s ready, and after that it’ll be on to building the site itself.

Lots of exciting stuff ahead…thanks again for all the help so far!

MCC Logo: Focusing on the Next Step

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