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Mozilla Creative Collective Logo, Round 1: Your Input Needed!

Work on the Mozilla Creative Collective site is coming along well…Tara, Ryan and I have been working with the team at Airbag Industries to define the scope and figure out a million tiny details. We’ll be moving to wireframes and actual page designs soon, and I’ll be sure to share those when they’re ready.

However, we also need a logo. Not just any logo, either: we need something that can serve as a rallying point for the entire project and will inspire designers around the world to lend their talents to the cause. So, we enlisted the fine folks at Studio Number One, who have done all sorts of awesome work for a variety of interesting clients, to help. (Side note: using Studio Number One also brings us full circle, more or less. The agency was founded by famed artist Shepard Fairey, who created the original Mozilla dino back in 1998.)

To recap, the goal of the Creative Collective is to build up a community of visual designers who’ll spread the word about Firefox and the Mozilla mission around the world via their art (many more details here). We asked Studio Number One to design a logo that embodies the grassroots, “power to the people” spirit of this initiative in a bold, graphic, visually interesting way.

Following in the spirit of other Mozilla design projects ranging from the Mozilla.com redesign to the Ubiquity logo creation, we want to make this process as open and participatory as possible. In other words, we need your help! There are nine initial concepts below, and we need to start focusing on one for further refinement. Which one should that be? What stands out to you and why? Try to envision these on a website, t-shirt, poster, sticker, etc and let us know what you think (by Tuesday, March 10 if at all possible). Any and all feedback is encouraged.

Here are the logos…I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts (and be sure to read the accompanying explanations from Studio Number One below for additional context):

Mozilla Creative Collective: Logo Design, Round 1

Notes from Studio Number One:
Comp 1: The circular lock-up with the rope surrounding the logo references turn-of-the-century labor union graphics. We like the way this feels alongside the word collective. The mark contained inside the wreath works in a couple of ways: it resembles a person reaching out; it contains the letters cMc, and although this isn’t the order of the letters of the name, hierarchically you see the M first and the C’s upon further inspection; the mark has a similar feel to an infinity symbol or a linking of things together, which is a goal of the collective. The red, black, and white, references a time period when people were working together, and relates back to the existing mozilla dino logo.

Comp 2: Same lock-up as comp 1, minus the stars and utilizing the dino head.

Comp 3: The constructivist style M here is divided in the middle making it feel like a stencil graphic, the dot added above each vertical makes the icon feel like its linking two people together.

Comp 4: Similar to comp 1 with a different colorway.

Comp 5: This is a propaganda style mark with an individual waving a flag promoting the collective. The silhouette provides a sense of an anonymous everyman: inclusivity. The square cut typeface makes the mark feel more strong and references the constructivist period.

Comp 6: Same lock-up as comp 5 but with the dino head.

Comp 7: The shield lock-ups reference labor union graphics and European football (soccer) clubs: strong organizations. In this first comp MCC is formed to the shape of the shield in a direct way.

Comp 8: This shield has a different shape to it and utilizes the dino head, as well as a hint of lightning bolts at the bottom.

Comp 9: This is a combination of the previous two images bringing in the banner, and lightning bolts but keeping the MCC as a focal point.

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