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Mozilla Creative Collective Logo, Round 2: More Input Needed!

As I’ve noted before, we’re conducting the logo design process for the Mozilla Creative Collective in the open, and your feedback in response to round 1 was extremely helpful. I wrote a more detailed summary in an earlier post, but the two main points that came across in the 70+ comments were that the logos needed a broader and better color palette, and that they should emphasize the “creative” portion of the equation more than the “collective” side.

So, with all that in mind, Studio Number One began iterating and they’ve come back with five new directions (with multiple options for each) for round two. You’ll see a wider range of colors this time, and more emphasis on the friendly, optimistic and creative sense of community we want to convey.

I have my own opinions and favorites, but please take a look and share your own thoughts in the comments section by Friday, March 20 (for more details about why we need this or what it’ll be used for see my original post).

Like before, there are some explanatory notes from Studio Number One down at the bottom. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Mozilla Creative Collective: Logo Design, Round 2

Notes from Studio Number One:
Comp 1: Evolution of the circular lockup that was chosen, incorporating the banner, adding flourishes, paint brushes and rays to break out of the circle shape.

Comp 2: This is a new direction that plays more on the Creative aspect. The mark has a hand drawn feel to it, but is contained within a shape that’s clean.

Comp 3: Evolution of the circle lockup with an alternate flourish from comp 5.

Comp 4: We know you didn’t specifically ask for an exploration of the shield, but we felt this holding shape had the opportunity to accomplish some of the things that were asked: looking more polished, 3D including the dino head, subtle constructivist feel, the mark of a team or a collective.

Comp 5: Evolution of the circle lockup adding flourishes to and silhouettes of the dino head to break the perfect circle shape. It can either work within an octagon or stand alone.

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