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Upcoming Brown Bag: Rethinking the Mozilla Web Universe

The Mozilla web universe is an interesting place. We operate a number of quality websites that, when viewed as a whole, make us one of the most highly-trafficked web companies around (a rough estimate is around 700,000,000 total page views per month – and that doesn’t include the Firefox start page).

But, right now it’s kind of tough to view them as a whole because they’re all treated pretty individually, without a lot of coordination or linkage between them. This confusing site structure causes a couple of problems that we need to solve: 1) it’s hard for users to learn about Mozilla, get involved or otherwise use the sites in the way they’re intended and 2) makes it hard for us to communicate the full breadth of things we have going on.

So, in the spirit of solving those problems I’m be hosting an upcoming brown bag titled “Rethinking the Mozilla Web Universe”. I’ll be elaborating on the current situation in a bit more detail, and have some ideas on how we might approach making things better, but I’d mostly like it to be a discussion about a revised web universe should look like and how we can get there.

If you’re interested in this sort of thing, please join us! It’s open to the public…here are the details:
* when: Thursday, February 11 at 12:30 p.m. Pacific time
* phone: dial 1.800.707.2533 (password 369) or 1.650.215.1282 (extension 92#), then dial Conference number 8600#
* video: it’ll be broadcast on Air Mozilla
* IRC: you can post questions or comments in #marketing

(David Boswell has also posted a few quick thoughts on this subject.)

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